The Latest on Retirement

Lindsey M. Bessy, ALMI, CLTC, MBA, CLU, CASL – Financial Advisor

The idea of retiring at age 65 might be a trend of the past according to recent surveys such as Northwestern Mutual’s “2015 Planning & Progress Study”. Actually, 62% of adults are anticipating working beyond the age of 65 as a matter of necessity. For 79% of individuals, the main concerns are insufficient savings and lack of faith in Social Security and pension plans. Furthermore, 4 out of 10 adults do not have a sense of how much income they will need to retire.

Although 40% of Americans stated they would like to work past 65 by choice*, most Americans have a less sunny picture of their Golden Years compared to present day retirees:

  • 61% of current retirees say they maintained their quality of life in retirement while only 52% of future retirees expect to.
  • Only 68% of future retirees expect to be happy and enjoy retirement in comparison to 80% of current retirees.
  • Only half of future retirees believe that they will be able to focus on activities such as health and fitness while that is an expectation of 74% of current retirees.*

Bottom line – With life expectancy increasing, planning for retirement is like planning for several decades of vacation. The only way to enjoy the well-earned retirement journey is to start planning early.

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*According to Northwestern Mutual’s “2015 Planning and Progress Study”